Apex Legends Announces: Anti-Cheat System Is Coming!

Apex legends anti cheat

Apex Legends has officially announced that they are working on an anti-cheat system! With this move to increase the enjoyment of the game, the cheaters come to an end!


Apex legends anti cheat

Almost every online game has a cheating problem. Because the problem of cheating is one of the most serious problems of our day. In this context, taking precautions against cheaters has been directly the responsibility of the producer companies. When you say LoL, Valorant, CoD, CS GO and Apex, every online game has a cheat. If the cheating rate is high and the fun of the players in online games is ruined, the situation is serious. Because if this process is prolonged, the players can completely cool down from the game they are playing. Thus, we can see that the relevant game is gradually disappearing.

Apex Legends Anti Cheat System Is Coming

Respawn Entertainment, the producer of Apex Legends, decided to focus on this issue. With the new system, there is a serious anti-cheat protection in Apex Legends. But let’s point out that this protection does not target cheaters. This protection will mostly be aimed at players victimized by cheaters. Thanks to the relevant protection, the ranked points of the users who have cheated in their game will get added plus and the lost rewards will be given to their parties. Thus, it is possible to solve the problem of every player who has been victimized by cheating.

Of course, it is impossible to compensate for the time lost due to cheating. So Respawn Entertainment will also improve their cheat protections. But the main thing at this point is to be with the players who have been victimized by cheaters. Because we know that many companies and games do not care about such things. However, this attitude of the producer company Respawn and the Apex Legends anti-cheat system they developed is truly admirable.

What are Apex Legends Cheats?

Apex has a lot of tricks. This list goes on and on when you say aiming trick, seeing behind the wall trick, sounding trick, and so on. Moreover, we know that many cheats are sold for a fee. In this context, Apex Legends cheats also have a serious black market. There are some hacking groups that have earned big money thanks to these cheats and continue to release new cheats constantly.

Apex Legends Aiming Cheat

apex legends aim cheat

One of the two most used tricks in Apex Legends is aiming. Users frequently use this trick in order to take a clearer and faster aim. Thanks to the related trick, you can perform strokes that are impossible for a human being under normal conditions. If you go too far in this matter, of course, you will be caught in the radar very quickly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not try the aim cheat. Because the Apex Legends anti-cheat system will also quickly detect you at this point.

Apex Legends Behind-the-Wall Vision Trick

Apex legends wall hack

The second most used trick after the aim trick in the related production is the behind the wall trick. This type of cheats are much more difficult to detect than their counterparts. Because there is no artificial intelligence that could be superhuman. You only have the opportunity to see the enemies in the vicinity more clearly. The Apex Legends anti-cheat system can stumble on this issue from time to time. But remember that eventually all the cheaters get caught.

There are many other cheats on the market other than aim and behind-the-wall vision tricks. So it wouldn’t make much sense to talk about all the tricks. However, the number of victims of fraud will decrease soon. In the future, it is planned to prevent the related incident completely with more advanced fraud protection systems. The Apex Legends anti-cheat system is still in the testing phase for now. The producer company did not share any information about when the feature will be released. However, let’s also mention that the information about the feature was made by them.


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