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Free Transformice Accounts

Free Transformice Accounts 2023 | Pro Accounts Username And Passwords ;Free Transformice Accounts We will share free accounts for the Transformice game, which has not grown old for years and still has a large number of players. Pro transformice free accounts login and passwords with pretty good levels are posted in the list below. You can get any for pro transformice accounts username and passwords. These accounts have never been obtained illegally. Collected from websites that publish free transformice accounts and passwords. It is published after all accounts are checked.


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Free Transformice Accounts And Passwords 2023

Transformice Free Usernames Passwords
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Transformice Free Pro Accounts | Username & Pass

Free Transformice Accounts Login And Password Generator

As with every app, there is a generator for transformice free accounts. The generator does not allow you to steal an account. It stores the accounts we have and shows the free transformice account after a certain period of time. You can run the generator for a good free transformice account.

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Read more for Transformice game review and guide...

Ageless Transformice Game How to Play?

Some of the most searched words on the internet are play Transformice and download Transformice. We have made it a guide for you, how to play the phenomenal mouse game, what to do, how to miss the fastest cheese.

Transformice is an online game played through an excellent browser that connects the browser-based player to the screen. As you can understand from its name, we control a mouse in the game. In the game, which has different and challenging sections, our general goal is to overcome the obstacles and reach our cheese home.

However, another thing to be aware of is that all the other mice in the room are your opponents. In our game, which includes a time limit for each round, whoever brings the cheese to the first slot gets the most points. The first mouse in the ranking with its points starts as the leader in the other round. It is also called shaman mouse.

The aim of the shaman mouse, which has some special powers, is to help other players to overcome the difficulties and to ensure that the most people take the cheese to the nest. Transformice, which reached the top of the Google trends list of 2015, is still played by thousands of players for hours.

In the game, which also has a Transformice titles system, you level up as you play and earn special titles according to the levels you jump. According to the titles you have earned, other players can understand which levels you are in.

When did Transformice become popular?

Transformice, which was first published as a platform game by Ateller 801 company on May 1, 2010, did not make much noise in those years. Transformice, which is seen as a simple game because it was developed with Adobe Flash Player and BoX2D, reached its deserved value after 2013.

The game, which now hosts thousands of players in 2014, played to the top in 2015 as we mentioned above. Transformice, which almost dominated the top of the Google trends list, made its name frequently mentioned, and the developer moved the game directly to Steam. The game, which can be played both on the browser and on Steam, began to lose its popularity with the stealing of its files and the opening of Transformice PVP servers.

So how is Transformice played?

Transformice, which can now be played on every platform, can be played on Android devices both on Steam, in the browser and as a Transformice APK. The game, which received a very positive tag especially on Steam, is played by thousands of people every day.

For those who want to play the game through the browser;

  • Click here to open the game site,
  • Say allow flash alert,
  • Click Create Account,
  • Log into your account after signing up
  • Join a server

If you want to play the game on Steam, you can click here. You can also contact the administrators directly through the Transformice forum system offered by the game.

How is Transformice store used?

It is also available in Transformice, the store system found in almost every online game. You can buy fun clothes for your mouse in the store where both game money and real money are purchased.

The easiest way to raise game money is to play for leadership every round. In this way, you can save money quickly and buy the clothes you want from the store. However, you can buy strawberries for real money and shop for strawberries.

PVP servers on Transformice Free Accounts

Unfortunately, Transformice, unable to withstand massive cyberattacks, got hacked and had their files stolen. Files shared on the Internet caused the game to open many pvp servers. Unfortunately, Transformice cheat codes were also shared besides the Pvp servers. Especially it is possible to find strawberry cheat codes on the internet.

MiceForce is undoubtedly the most famous among Transformice PVP servers. HugMice, ColdMice, AisMice and SuperMice are among the servers that play the roster. Transformice pvp servers, which host 3 thousand to 5 thousand players instantly, are preferred more because they provide great convenience.

Transformice command list

Perhaps one of the best features of the game is that it allows players to use some commands. Especially the commands that we can make our mouse dance and kiss in the game allow us to take care of many operations briefly.

  • Changing room: / room
  • Displaying titles: / tittle
  • Change title: / tittle (title name)
  • Start voting to kick a player: / ban (nick)
  • Checking the player’s profile: / profile
  • Add the player as a friend: / friend
  • Don’t look at the rankings: / ranking
  • Dancing: / dance
  • Laughing: / laugh
  • Crying: / cry
  • Kissing: / kiss
  • Tutorial: / tutorial

How to make a Transformice map?

Another nice feature of the game is that it offers players the opportunity to make it on the map. You can make the maps you want in the game, which has a special MapEditor (mapping section). If the maps you have made get positive votes from other players, your map will be added to the official maps of the game.

You can open the map editor by clicking the “Map Editor” button in the game / editor code and menu button. Although it seems easy, the editor, which has many functions, does not give you any limitations when creating the map you want.

What is the Transformice tribe (tribe)?

Like many online games, Transformice has a tribal system. You can play collectively by inviting other players to the tribes established for 500 cheese. Even if the tribesmen are not in the same room, they can chat with each other, see what room they are in, and try to fulfill the tasks assigned by the president mouse. In addition, a tribe house can be established.

Transformice map types

There are different types of maps in Transformice. In fact, you can sort these types according to the difficulty. Yellow cheese maps are normal, purple cheese maps are difficult, and crossed out maps are very difficult. Of course, as the difficulty of the maps increases, the cheese reward it gives increases.

  • Yellow cheese maps: Yellow cheese maps that can be played in normal rooms are based on the classic take the cheese and take it home equation. The maps made by the players and approved by the administrators are perfect for the newcomers.
  • Purple cheese maps: You cannot see these maps in normal rooms. Purple cheese maps that only appear in rooms called bootcamps are difficult to play. Not recommended for game beginners.
  • Crossed maps: This is the hardest map of our game. The aim of the players in these maps, which are only available in survivor rooms, is to survive as you can understand from the name. On maps with no cheese or nests, all you have to do is escape from the shaman and survive. You can also use wards specific to this map.

Again, you can earn special titles for the crossed out maps, gain double points, and earn special shaman titles much faster. You can also determine target points using the totems you have created yourself.

Shaman guide to add color to the Transformice game

The most difficult point for newcomers to the game is of course shamanism. How can someone who cannot control his own mouse in the game yet help dozens of mice? Of course, shamanism is a job that requires experience as in everything, but you can quickly enter shamanism with the shortcuts we will give.

  • Space: Makes the boards and boxes invisible.
  • B: It makes wood with a fixed midpoint. It can turn like a wooden wheel.
  • V: It makes a fixed board, but it has to be supportive underneath.
  • A: Adds additional fixed board to the fixed board.
  • N: Adds a fixed board with a fixed midpoint like the B key, but this board is motorized. (turns very fast)
  • Z and X: Change course.

That’s all for Transformice, which has been taking the internet by storm for years. We will continue to take a closer look at the games that have been trending in the internet world, played by millions of people for years, and share free transformice accounts. 


Transformice Free Accounts Username & Passwords 2024 July


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