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Free Twitter Accounts With Followers 2023 | Fake & Old Passwords ; One of the twitter free accounts login and passfirst names that comes to mind when talking about social media, Twitter reached a significant number of users in a short time as soon as it was released. Twitter, which has now managed to rank among the indispensable for social media users, has a worldwide user base. Twitter perhaps attracts attention with its structure that allows maximum 140 characters to enter text. In fact, the goal is to be able to reflect your feelings, thoughts and ideas in the least words. For some, this app is a great marketplace. For this, we thought of sharing your free twitter accounts. Some of these accounts are bot twitter accounts. Some of them are free old twitter accounts. You can use one of the twitter free fake accounts by taking any of them in the list.


Published free twitter accounts with passwords are fake accounts. They are not real users. Some of them are free high followers twitter accounts. The list will be updated every day and shared here again. If you are late to get an account, you can request a free fake twitter account with high followers by writing a comment.

Free Twitter Accounts With Passwords 2023

Twitter Free Accounts Login Passwords
[email protected] Gmaxif9589
[email protected] futerfun2526
[email protected] crifhang1012
[email protected] fenydalyk47
[email protected] pickvosh
[email protected] edagrom343
[email protected] valuba492
[email protected] macroFltk5

Twitter Free Old Accounts And Passwords 2023

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What is Twitter? How to Use it Most Effectively?


It can be defined as a micro blog site and one of the most popular social networks of recent times. Twitter, which is frequently visited by users in daily life, initially allowed the sharing of texts consisting of 140 characters or less, but nowadays, visual and video sharing can also be made. Twitter can also be regarded as a kind of communication tool.

Posts made on Twitter are named as Tweet. You can limit the people who can view the posted Tweets to your own friends or make public posts. Besides, you can send a direct message and make mutual follow-up.


Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey in 2006 and quickly became famous. It has attracted the attention of many audiences, especially with the active use of Barack Obama in the 2008 US elections alongside writers and journalists. In our country, the survey feature was used frequently in the last election period. Twitter released application versions for many different languages ​​in 2011.


It will be useful to know some special terms for active use of Twitter. Fake twitter accounts and passwordsTo start using it, you must first log in after successfully registering a member. After logging in, you should search for the names you want to follow and click the follow button. So you can see the Tweets of the people you follow on your home page. Then you can write your first tweet in the text box and share it. You can start attracting the attention of many people and being followed.


Trending Topic: Trending Topic, abbreviated as TT, is a list of the 10 most talked about topics. This section is located on the left of the Twitter homepage. The TT list varies by country.

Friday Follow: Friday Follow, which is shortened as FF, is known to have this name because it is only made on Fridays. FF is used to mean followed by people who follow you.

Retweet: Retweet, one of the most used features of Twitter, is abbreviated as RT. It consists of users sharing other users’ Tweets in a quotation-like manner for their followers to see.

Direct Message: It is the name of private messages sent between Twitter users and is abbreviated as DM. It can also be said that the message feature is in the e-mail function.

Mention: If you put @ at the beginning of the Tweet you write, you will be Mention. It is a feature that allows you to show the person you want to see your article as a target in the shortest and most concise form. You can see the Mention posts from the section mentioned on Twitter.

Hashtag: Hashtag, which has been translated into our language as a tag, can also be referred to as a topic title. If you put the sharp # sign at the beginning of the words, you will make a Hashtag.


Twitter is a micro blog site that allows sharing from computers, smartphones and tablets over the internet. With Twitter, you can share your 140-character feelings and thoughts, as well as your photos and videos. Besides sharing, you can follow the people you want and see their shares. You can communicate with other users via DM; you can exchange data.

There are also many famous names and brands on Twitter. Since they also share, you can get the latest information about the names you like by following their own pages. Since news sites also have a large share in instant usage, you can see breaking news and the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Tips for using Twitter:

Cross the word limit visually:

Although Twitter has a word limit of 280 characters, it is possible to exceed this limit in some way. For this, write a text of the length you want on a different application and take a screenshot. Once you’ve cropped it correctly, Tweet it with a note on it if you wish. Thus, you can share whatever you want without getting stuck in the word limit.

Pin your favorite Tweet to your profile:

Every user has a Tweet that they feel proud, happy or expressing themselves when they look at it. By clicking on the three dots button next to a Tweet of your choice, click the Pin to Profile option from the menu that opens, and you can add the Tweet you have selected to the top of your profile page and let everyone see it.

To remove the Tweet you’ve pinned to your profile, click on the same three dots button and this time click Remove from Profile. If you pin a new Tweet to your profile instead, the previous sticky Tweet will automatically be removed from there. In this way, you can change your fixed Tweet at any time.

Tweet in the future:

Especially if you are managing a corporate account, you need an active account, but Tweeting around the clock is also a difficult task. Twitter has a feature that you can make planned shares without using different applications. So you can post Tweets with future dates.

Tap on the little calendar bot you’ll see below after you’ve written a Tweet. Enter in detail what date and time the tweet will be posted. When you click the Schedule button, the Tweet will be set to be shared at the date and time you selected.

Download all your Twitter data:

If you want to have all the Tweets you have posted so far and all the images you have shared at hand, you can get it without the need for long efforts. Be sure to use this feature, especially if you are going to close your Twitter account but do not want to lose your data.

For this, open the Twitter Settings page. Download an archive of your data, turn on. Enter your account password. When you click the request archive button, your data will be prepared for download. When it is ready, all your data will be sent to your e-mail address registered in your Twitter account.

Bookmark the Tweets you want to read later:

Sometimes we browse Twitter just to distract, to linger. At such a moment, when you see a Tweet that is important but you cannot read at the moment or you want to read later, you can bookmark that Tweet and browse it later. You can also apply this process for Tweets you want to keep.

To Bookmark a Tweet of your choice, click the share-like button below the Tweet. Click Add Tweet to Bookmarks from the menu that opens. You can view this Tweet in the Bookmarks section of your account as long as it has not been deleted by the person sharing it.

Place a Tweet on your blog or website:

By placing a Tweet that you have posted or shared by another account on your blog or website, you can make it visible to all your visitors. As with Bookmarks, the Tweet will appear where you added it as long as it’s not deleted.

Click the three dots button next to the Tweet you want to add to your blog or website. Click Embed Tweet. A different page will open and you will find the HTML code of the Tweet. By placing this code on your blog or website, you can make the Tweet visible to all of your visitors.

Use Dark Mode to avoid straining your eyes:

As with many social media platforms or mobile applications, Twitter also has a dark mode option. When you touch your profile picture in the Twitter mobile application, you can see this option by touching the light bulb button in the menu that opens. You can choose the one that suits you best from the two options offered as dim or full dark.

Likewise, you can use the dark mode feature on the Twitter website, namely the desktop version. To do this, click the More option and click the Display option from the menu that opens. From here, you can choose the mode as dim or dark, as well as change the colors of the Twitter interface.

Enable data saver mode:

The Twitter mobile application you use over mobile data can sometimes spend a large amount of mobile data as a result of activities such as watching videos. To control this situation, open the Settings, Data Usage page on your mobile application and activate the data saving mode. Thus, you will be sure that you spend minimum mobile data while using the Twitter mobile application.

Create lists to categorize the accounts you follow:

You may be following hundreds of different types of sharing accounts through your Twitter free account. These different posts can cause confusion on your homepage. You can have a more streamlined Twitter experience by creating lists to categorize the people you follow.

To create a list, click Lists from the Twitter menu. Click the Create List button and add a name. Only you can see the lists marked as private, while anyone can see the publicly marked lists. Then select the accounts you want to be in the list and click the Done button. To delete the list, simply click the Delete List button on the Edit List screen.

Make pinpoint searches with the advanced search option:

You can use the advanced search option most efficiently on the desktop version of Twitter. After performing a search, you will see the Advanced Search option in the left column of the resulting page. By expanding this option, you will reach the advanced search page with many different search criteria.

On this search page, you can search by determining the exact word, general phrase, alternative words, words that should not be in the content, special tags, language status, sharing account and many more details and pinpoint whatever you are looking for.

Even though Twitter seems simple, it is a social media platform that turns into an ocean as we get into the details and learn its features. Even after many years, it may be difficult to give an expert answer to the question of how to use Twitter, but you can have a much more efficient Twitter experience with important tips you need to know.


Free Twitter Accounts And Passwords 2024 July

Twitter free accounts will be updated every day and published in this section. If you are late to get a free old twitter account, you can request a free fake or old twitter account by writing a comment.


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