How Can You Become a Professional Jungle in League Of Legends? | Lol Jungler Tips

Lol Jungler Tips

What are the jungle tactics in League of Legends? How to play a jungle in the best way? We are telling about playing the jungle with all the subtleties.


Lol Jungler Tips

There are many roles in the League of Legends game. Undoubtedly, one of the most important roles among these roles is the forester. Foresters are generally the people who manage and shape the game. In this context, a forestry must play his role very well. In this article, we will list the things that need to be considered while playing the forest with small items.

League of Legends Jungle Tips

  • Throw Gank
  • Follow the lenses
  • Keep your eyes on the map

The main purpose of the role of forester is to throw gank. However, many people think that he has completed his role as a forester simply by throwing gank. However, this idea is extremely wrong. If you want to maintain your role well, you have to throw successful ganks. Remember that successful ganking is more important than throwing gank more often. It doesn’t help that you’re constantly gapping at someone who’s already stronger than their opponent. Try to complete the weaknesses in your team.

Track Lenses

Following the lenses is your most important role in the game. Even if you don’t throw ganks in any way, you should definitely chase a dragon or two. For this, keep your eyes constantly on the dragon. As soon as you’re in a position where you can get the dragon, that is, when the opposing forester is away from you, call your teammates directly and start the dragon. It’s also possible to get dragons on your own. You can also try stealing dragons from your opponent by not losing dragon vision.

Keep Your Eye on the Map

Unfortunately, many players leave the map control sequence blank. But that’s wrong. A forester has to focus on the map a lot more than his teammates. Because it’s easier for you to follow the map while your teammates deal with the minions in their hallways. Keep an eye on the map. Alert your teammates with signs when you see your opponent where it’s needed, that is, in a critical position on the map. If necessary, you can even warn by typing from the chat. Your goal at this point will be to be the eyes and ears of your teammates. Remember, you’re the forester, you’re running the game.

With League of Legends jungle tactics, it is possible for you to perform much more efficient games and rise quickly.


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