Giveaway for a Free Netflix Account for 6 Months | For 2 People Only

Free netflix accounts giveaway

Hello everyone, we cannot share enough accounts due to the intensityFree netflix accounts giveaway on our website and sometimes financial resources. You can use some of the premium accounts we share for free for only 1 month or 2 weeks. In order for you to use premium accounts even more for free and to collect sponsors, we decided to give the most desired accounts with a special lottery. In this lottery, we will give 2 Netflix accounts, which you can use for 6 months free of charge, to only 2 people. If you comply with the raffle rules and participation requirements, we will give 2 people selected with our software a free netflix account for 6 months.


To Participate In The Lottery Of 2 Netflix Accounts You Can Use For 6 Months Free

We will give 2 people a free Netflix account that they can use for 6 months in this lottery to collect sponsors from social media. What you need to do to participate in this lottery;

Facebook Follow + Like And Comment To Post

To participate in the lottery with your Facebook Account;

  1. Like Freeaccount GO Facebook Page (
  2. Liking the “Netflix Giveaways” post you shared on Facebook and saying “I Participate in the Lottery” as a comment.
  3. Finally, by commenting on this page of our website, your facebook name and say “I agree for the giveaway on facebook”.

Twitter Follow and Comment

To participate in the giveaway with your twitter account;

  1. Free Account TO twitter page to like. (
  2. After you like the “Netflix giveaways” post we shared, write the comment “I Participate in the Lottery”.
  3. On this page of our website, write your twitter profile name and the comment “I agree on twitter for the lottery”.


  • Accounts with fake profiles will not be included in the draw!
  • You can participate in the lottery with any of your facebook or twitter account.
  • You can increase your chances of winning by tagging your friends as comments on the posts we share on social media.
  • As a result of the draw, 2 people will be given a free netflix account for 6 months.
  • The draw will take 1 week. The results will be announced on our Facebook Page at 20:00 (UK time) on December 4, 2020.


The Lottery is Over. Winners are announced on our Facebook page. We will continue the new lotteries on this page as soon as possible. Stay on track.


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  1. Great

    I need Netflix login details

  2. Mohamed

    I realy hope that i win please let me win

  3. Sarah

    I hope it comes out to me.

  4. Elizabeth

    I followed your Twitter post and page.

  5. Sami

    I agree to the lottery on Facebook. Cyed Cami

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