Sell ​​Your Account To Us!

Free Account GO buys regular accounts every month with 79% of advertising and sponsorship revenues. Since our website does not commit any illegal acts, it buys these accounts from users or on the app’s official website. If you have a premium or premium game account, consider selling to us. Please check the account criteria before selling your account to us.

Account Features to Buy!

Freeaccount GO does not host hollow accounts on its website! If we do something like this, our visitors won’t support us and it will affect us badly. So if you have an account and are thinking of selling to us, please check that your account meets these criteria. If it does not meet the criteria, your account will not be purchased.

  • Your account must not contain any personal information.
  • The account of the application / web page you are going to sell should not have any restrictions or ban.
  • You must have a paid material (diamond, gold, etc.) in your account. If the application account you are going to sell is a web page, it must be premium.
  • If you do not have any paid material for game accounts, your account must be at a high level.
  • After purchasing your account, you cannot log into our website and get your account again. To prevent this from happening, your ip address and mac address will be blocked. You will be banned from our website for a while.
  • If our website buys your account, all legal rights of that account belong to freeaccount GO. You cannot make a claim later.

If You Confirm Your Account Meets These Criteria, fill out the form below. After filling out the form, our team will meet with you for negotiation.

Account sales were temporarily suspended. Purchases will continue for new categories as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Free Account Donation!

Many of our visitors sometimes can’t do their important work or have fun because they can’t access premium features. Although we buy accounts, sometimes our budget is not enough to take accounts to a large extent. If you have a shared account, we can share it for you on our website. And you can use your Account with a remote friend. If you are considering donating an account, please contact us using the form here.

Before making an account donation, please make sure your account does not contain any personal information. If you have sensitive information such as your name, place of birth or social identification number, we recommend that you delete them in your account. Freeaccountgo is a tool for account sharing. It does not accept any responsibility.