What are Civilization 6 Console Commands? | Civilization 6 Cheat Codes

Civilization 6 cheat codes

What are the Civilization 6 cheat codes? With the option to open the Civilization 6 cheat console, you can play the related production in a very simple way.


Civilization 6 Console commands

It is well known that strategy games take a considerable time. Especially in an extremely difficult and arduous production like Civilization 6, this ratio is much higher. Because you must spend a lot of time mastering the game and reaching a certain level. You can use this time by watching various training videos or by making trial and error in the game. But if you have little time and want to achieve so much in a short time, don’t worry. With some of civilization 6’s finer points, you can overcome this problem and enjoy the game more.

How to Open Civilization 6 Console

  • Find the Civilization 6 folder in My Documents/My Games/.
  • Open the .ini file in the folder.
  • Update the value from CheatCode =0 to CheatCode = Chipotle.
  • In this way, you will activate the console of the game. When you exit the folder, do not forget to record.

After completing the steps above, you can open the console by pressing the é key in the game. With some commands you enter into the console, you will be able to access the cheats in the game.

Civilization 6 Console Commands

  • You can earn 1000 gold with CTRL + 4.
  • With SHIFT + CHOICE, you can add population, ie population, to the city you have chosen.
  • With CTRL + CHOICE, you can make your chosen military or any unit gain a level.
  • By typing Reveal All, you can see the whole map clearly.
  • You can mark your entire map as discovered by typing Explore All.
  • With SHIFT + 5 + 6 you can reveal any location you choose.
  • With ALT + R you can send a random leader to the opponent.

Civilization 6’s cheating options are more or less like this. However, if you want to access more cheats and make the game easier, there are a few things you can do. One of these procedures is to download the trainer. With Trainer, you can access both the cheats we provide on the top and much more functionality. Moreover, Civilization 6 trainer is completely free. For this, it will be enough to access the wiki page of the production and download the trainer. We recommend that you always download the most recent version. For more content like opening the Civilization 6 cheat console and Civilization 6 cheat codes, you can stay tuned to freeaccountgo.


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