Hearts of Iron 4 Cheat Codes | All Hoi4 Console Commands

Hearts of Iron 4 cheat codes

You can also make your game easier with the Hearts of Iron 4 cheat codes. Today, we will share the hoi4 consol codes with you.


Hearts of Iron 4 cheat codes

HOI4 is one of the most frequently played strategy productions of recent times. The fact that the game has such great popularity also increases the user base seriously. As a result, players of all age groups enjoy playing HOI4. However, it is obvious that Hears of Iron 4 is an extremely difficult production. But with some Hearts of Iron 4 cheat codes, it is possible to overcome this difficulty to some extent.

Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands

If you press CTRL and ~ you will see the console screen. Hearts of Iron 4 cheats only work with the codes entered on the console screen. You can easily apply the cheat codes that we will give below by applying them in a complete and complete way.

Hearts of Iron 4 Cheat Codes

  • gain_xp (amount) allows you to gain as much xp as you want.
  • gain_xp (attribute) adds as many attributes as you want. Check out the HOI4 wiki page for feature details.
  • allowtraits turns on free general features.
  • cp (amount) adds command power at the rate you choose.
  • st (amount) adds stability and stability at your chosen rate.
  • ws (amount) adds war support, ie war support, at the rate you choose.
  • xp (amount) grants xp not only to the general you choose, but to the whole alliance.
  • pp (amount) gives politicial power, ie political power, at the rate you choose.
  • fuel (amount) adds oil at the rate you choose.

HOI4 Equipment Cheat

It should be noted that equipment cheats can be diversified and differentiated. Because the code of each equipment in the game is different. Even if we assume that there are thousands of equipment in the game, we can say that it is impossible to memorize all the codes. The best resource for this is the official HOI4 wiki(https://hoi4.paradoxwikis.com/Console_commands). By browsing the official wiki of the production, you can see the code for the equipment you are looking for or need. After that, it is possible to have that equipment by using the commands below.

  • add_equipment (equipment quantity) (equipment code)

There are also thousands of codes for tricks such as peace, teleportation, unity, weapons, nuclear, construction, research, technology, management, and the party. For the hoi4 cheat codes, be sure to visit the wiki page.


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